Tublat (right) complains about how weak and small Tarzan is.

Tublat who's name meant "Broken-Nose" was a male Mangani who belonged to the Tribe of Kerchak. He was the mate of Kala, the father of Terkoz and the foster-father of Tarzan.


Early LifeEdit

Tublat was born in December 1869, in the Africian Jungle

During the Early 1880s, Tublat joined Kerchak Tride of Deadly Mangai he was described as an elder of the Tribe and a disliked member, however, Kerchak was shown to favor his advice.

Later LifeEdit

In December 1899, When Tarzan learned to make ropes out of long grass, he eventually made a noose and would scare Tublat by putting the noose around his neck, or by tripping him with it. This would result in great joy by the other apes, with exception of Kerchak, at the sight of Tublat's misfortune.

In November 1901, When Tarzan was thirteen, Tublat met his death. During a Dum-Dum which celebrated the defeat of an enemy, in that case, Tarzan had used his father's hunting-knife to take an arm of the enemy mangani which had been killed. Tublat was angered at this and attempted to attack Tarzan, but the boy had climbed into a tree that had branches which would not support Tublat's weight. Thus Tublat turned his anger onto all the other apes. When he was about to kill Kala, Tarzan saved Kala by killing Tublat with his knife.

Disney's versionEdit

In the 1999 Disney cartoon feature Tarzan, the Mangani are re-envisioned as gorillas, and Tublat's role as mate of Kala and foster father to Tarzan is assigned to Kerchak. The film's Kerchak is essentially a combination of the Kerchak and Tublat of the novel, though with a more benign personality than either. However, in the spin-off television series The Legend of Tarzan, Tublat himself appears as a separate and distinct character and is one of the main antagonists in the series along with La and Samuel T. Philander.

This version of Tublat is a violently aggressive, possibly even carnivorous, former member of the gorilla tribe. Having been cast out of the band many years before after losing a leadership challenge to Kerchak, he seeks revenge against Tarzan, Kerchak's successor. In the episode "Tarzan and the Enemy Within," Tublat takes over another gorilla family, that of Gobu, killing the group's original leader and banishing the latter into the jungle where he is almost killed by hyenas. Tarzan rescues Gobu, whose family then retaliates against Tublat. In the episode, Tublat is voiced by Keith David and allied with Fungi the monkey, voiced by Max Casella.


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