Kerchak the Mangani was a supporting antagonist of the novel Tarzan of the Apes. He was a Mangani stated as being the leader of his tribe.

Kerchak's first appearance is during one of his fits of rage. During the fit of rage it kills many of the apes in his tribe either directly or indirectly, most significantly Kala's first offspring. Once the little one died, Kerchak returned to his senses. He called to his tribe and lead them to the coast where the Clayton's cabin was. Once they arrived, Kerchak entered the cabin and killed John Clayton, Sr. while Kala rescued his infant son and named him Tarzan. Kerchak then turned his attention to what he wanted: Clayton's rifle. Kerchak probed the rifle until he set it off, making his entire tribe go running and resulting in the door to the cabin slamming shot and locking. Upon Kerchak realized that he still held the rifle, he threw it aside. Kerchak later discovered Kala's new child, holding a similar dislike with Kala's mate's for the boy.

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